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How do I print from one of the library computers?
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All print jobs need to be retrieved through a card swipe system. 

  • Non-UVM affiliates can purchase and deposit money onto the required card at the CATcard machine at the front (Circulation) desk. 
  • UVM affiliates can use this machine to deposit more money onto their UVM ID card, if necessary.
  • Using the card swipe located near the printer, swipe your card to view jobs in the queue. 

Jobs sent from UVM Affiliate machines can be found listed under your NetID. Jobs sent from public computers can be found listed under the name of the computer from which you sent the job (e.g. user110).

The library computers will send your print job to whichever printer option is chosen. Unless you choose a different printer, before or during printing, the default printer is where you will go to retrieve your print job.

  • For UVM affiliate computers, everywhere but inside the Cyber Café has a default printer as the Reference Department printer.
  • Cyber Café Computers will, by default, print to the black and white printer inside the glass doors to the café.
  • The Public Access computers' default print station is the printer just outside the Cyber Café.